What Type of Faucet Goes With a Farmhouse Sink?

Faucets are one of the most important fixtures in your home. They’re what let you turn on your sink to wash dishes or water a garden. Faucets come in many different shapes and sizes, but the design of your faucet is dependent upon the type of sink you have installed. So before you make a purchase, it’s crucial that you know what type of faucet goes with your farmhouse sink.

Take a look at this blog post and learn how to choose which faucet is best for your farmhouse sink!

Type of Faucet for a Farmhouse Sink

Best Kitchen Faucet for Farmhouse Sink (2022 Buyers Guide)

Farmhouse sinks are unique because they often have a soap dispenser built in. This means that your faucet will need to be really tall to accommodate the soap dispenser, and you’ll want to choose a faucet that is wide and deep.

To determine what type of faucet you need, look for one that has these three design features:

1) A spout or hose with a long neck--this makes it easy to fill up a large pot or bucket. 2) A long handle – this helps you reach all the way into the sink. 3) A wide neck--this is important if your sink has soap dispensers built in. These features will make cooking and doing dishes much easier!

Read on to learn more about the different types of faucets you will find in any home improvement store.

Look for your sink’s specifications!

When searching for a new faucet, take the time to look at your sink and determine what type of hose or spout you need. If the sink has a built-in soap dispenser, the neck or spout of the faucet you choose must be long enough to reach into the soap tank.

Another important specification is ensuring that your handle is long enough to reach all areas of your sink. Make sure that you purchase a faucet with an easy-to-operate lever or handle. You want it to feel smooth when opening and closing in order to avoid any unnecessary stress while cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Specific Faucet for Your Sink?

When you choose the right faucet for your farmhouse sink, it can greatly improve your experience.

Some faucets have features that help you conserve water and energy, like the aerating filter on a delta wave faucet. Others come with complementary features like a built-in soap dispenser or separate sprayer head. These features make your life easier by doing work for you. Another benefit of choosing a specific faucet is the ability to go with a style that matches your home’s décor, which will create an overall cohesive look throughout your house. And lastly, choosing a specific faucet can also save you money. It’s easy to find cheap options online if you’re looking for something in particular (like one with an aerating filter).

Any Cons to Choosing Specific Faucets?

It can be hard to find a specific faucet online. Some brands only sell their product as a set in large quantities. This is okay if you need multiple faucets. It’s not okay if you’re only looking for one to fit your kitchen sink’s hole and surrounding cabinetry. It will also be more expensive if you buy it as part of a set since that’s when it becomes more profitable for the company selling them. If you’re willing to wait, it will likely be cheaper and easier to find the individual faucets on sale somewhere at some point, even if it means waiting months or years before the right sale comes around.

You may also have problems if you’re looking for an uncommon feature like dual-handle or pull-down in a style that isn’t easily available online or at stores near your home. You might have no choice but try multiple stores or order online, but that can make finding the exact product you want difficult and pricey.

Pick Your Faucet Based on its Design And Materials.

This is the first step in choosing your faucet. There are a variety of fixtures to choose from. You’ll find enameled faucets, polished nickel faucets, and single-hole faucets all with unique designs.

The second step is to choose which material you want for your faucet. This is going to depend on what type of sink you have installed. For example, if you have a farmhouse sink, you’ll need an American Standard or a Kohler sink faucet. If you have a vessel sink, then you’ll need a Delta or a Waterworks faucet.

Choose Your Faucet Design

Faucets come in many different shapes and sizes, and each one is designed for a specific type of sink. For example, farmhouse sinks can be installed with a single hole faucet or two-hole faucet. These two designs are different, but the difference is largely aesthetic. A single hole faucet has a spout that pours directly into the sink from the top of the sink, while a two-hole faucet has an inlet on one side of the spout and an outlet on the other side of the spout.

A single hole will let you wash dishes without having to move them around your sink, while a two-hole faucet allows you to have more options with your dishwashing process.

But if you’re still not sure which design is best for your farmhouse sink, here are some ideas that can help guide you:

If you want to minimize space in your kitchen, go with a single-hole faucet design. It may be worth installing a two-hole sink faucet so that you don’t have to reach over too far for your dishes, if you have limited counter space due to lack of cabinet space near your sink,

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, then go with a single hole design. Go with a two hole design if you want something that’s functional and has great functionality but looks simple and sleek.

Choose Your Faucet Material

When shopping for a faucet, you should consider the material it is made of. This is important because different materials have different characteristics. For example, plastic faucets are cheap, but they are not resistant to heat or water. On the other hand, metal faucets are durable and can withstand hot or cold temperatures.

Another thing to consider when choosing your faucet material is if it will match your sink’s design. If you want to fit seamlessly into your kitchen design, make sure your faucet matches the color of the sink and surrounding fixtures.


The type of faucet you choose can impact how your sink looks and functions. By choosing the best design and material for your faucet, you can create a unique farmhouse sink for your home.


What is the difference between a farmhouse sink and an apron sink?

A farmhouse sink has a higher deck height, and the front edge of the sink is exposed. An apron sink has an exposed back edge of the sink and usually has a waterfall spout.

Are farmhouse sinks out of style?

There are a few factors that can determine the out-of-style level of any product. First, if that item is built to last longer than fashion trends, it will definitely be timeless in style. By contrast, items that are trendy and fashionable but not durable can quickly go out of style when only a single season passes.

what faucet finish look good with a white farmhouse sink?

If you are looking for a faucet to match with a white farmhouse sink, you will want to choose a chrome finish. This is because chrome is the most reflective of all finishes and will make your sink look brighter and whiter. Chrome also matches well with other materials like white marble and granite, both of which are popular in farmhouse-style kitchens.

Do all farmhouse sinks have double bowl designs?

No! We have seen some farmhouse sinks with one bowl and others with three bowls or even more! The design possibilities are endless!

Can any faucet go with any sink?

Most kitchen faucets can be easily switched out. However, they usually will not go well with every sink you have at home. That is why it is suggested that you buy a faucet that complements the style of your sink.

Do you need a special base cabinet for a farmhouse sink?

No, you can use any base cabinet for a farmhouse or apron sink. If you have deeper cabinets, you can choose a larger sink, and if the cabinet is shallow, choose a smaller sink.

Do porcelain farmhouse sinks scratch?

Porcelain farmhouse sinks are more durable than many other types of kitchen sinks. However, they can scratch if they’re not properly cared for, so be especially mindful of your sink’s surface area and cleaning regime.

What kind of cabinet do I need for a farmhouse sink?

A Cabinet that is the same size and height as the sink (which you can determine by aiming a tape measure at the highest point of the inside edge of each side of the sink) is all you need. In addition, you should choose a flat door that is narrower than the width of your sink’s base to avoid spilling over into it when you open it.